We are at a crossroads.

You’ve been in the creative industry for a while and things continue to change rapidly. But something else is happening underneath—you’ve realised that you’re also changing.

Maybe work feels like a treadmill; like a hustle. Perhaps you want to do more meaningful work; you want to make a more positive impact in the world; you want to proactively add value instead of reactively responding to client briefs; you want to take control of your future. You’re just not sure what that looks like.

Either way, you feel like you’re at an important crossroads.

What is creative leadership?

You know something needs to change — and that it starts with you.

That it starts with re-assessing your choices, making deliberate decisions about your path forward.

And you want to face these crossroads with more certainty about the outcomes you wish to achieve. 


How do I create impact?

If this sounds like you, Jim and Kevin have each been in this exact same position within their own careers and they have faced a similar set of anxious, difficult decisions, which you may be facing right now. But how they responded to these challenges changed their careers—and their lives—for the better.

The Crossroads workshop series has been designed for the changes we see today, how these changes affect our collective future, and what our roles as creative leaders need to look like to create impact.

If this resonates with you, get on the waitlist to ensure you don't miss this. 

$1,399 AUD

  • 2-Day Workshop Series for Creative Professionals
  • Maximum of 15 participants per workshop
  • Understand business as a force for good
  • Discussion, dialogue & provocation
  • Interactive exercises and tools
  • Transparent and open sharing
  • Insights on running and leading a creative, ethical business
  • Impact models and frameworks
  • Q&A and networking with creative leaders
  • Deep dives
  • Catering and refreshments provided

How do I build a creative business with meaning?
What does it mean to be a creative leader?
How do I overcome my fear to make real change?


How might I make a positive impact in the world?
What does it impact mean to a creative professional?
How do I find more meaningful work?


What does a 21st Century creative leader look like?
How do I ‘do’ leadership?
How do I establish a leadership platform for my creative business?


Managing Director of Tank

33+ years experience

3 x B Corp accredited,
Author of The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership

Strategy, Leadership, Impact


Founder at TheSumOf

31+ years experience

Author of Brand Principles
and Open Manifesto

Brand Expert, Author, Design Leadership

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Join Kevin Finn and Jim Antonopoulos for two days where you will learn how creativity, creative business and creative leadership can create impact in the world.

Over two-days you will work with them to unpack the key challenges facing creative professionals today, and uncover the opportunities to rethink, redesign and reimagine your creative business as a force for good. 

Walk away with the skills and tools become a creative leader, and a creative business, that is a force for good.

July 4th - July 5th 9am - 5pm
MicDrop, Level 5/111 Cecil St,
South Melbourne, Victoria.

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Available soon 

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When will the workshops be held?
Workshops dates will be announced in mid-June!
Do you allow refunds?
100% refunds are available up to 30 days prior to the workshop. Within 30 days of the workshop, a 50% refund will be given. Within 7 days of the workshop, a 25% refund will be given. This helps us cover the cost of running the workshops, travel and associated costs.
Which cities will you be going to?
We will hold workshops in any city in the world, as long as there is demand and pre-registration.
What will I get?
You'll have two days with Kevin Finn and Jim Antonopoulos, working through key aspects of creative leadership and impact — bringing this together for you to be able to apply the learnings to your business, or your creative practice. You'll also receive downloadable tools and references to expand on the various aspects of each workshop.