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A better world needs better leaders — human, adaptive and mindful. People that understand empathy and its importance in creating a new economy. Leaders that aren't afraid to march first. 

Our goal is to create a platform of learning tools to help creative leaders reach their leadership potential.

Explore a growing range of online learning that covers strategy, innovation and leadership.

Online Course

The Creative

Helping creative professionals level up their professionalism, develop the foundation for meaningful work, and a marketing platform to find the right clients.

Online Course

Strategy Masterclass

Learn the fundamentals through case studies and resources that demystify strategy and help you begin your journey towards creative leadership

Online Course

The Innovation Culture Program

An online course to help build intrapreneurship, creative confidence and a culture of innovation within organisations.

The Mentorship Collection

A collection of articles that answer the following questions, and more:

  • How do I find a mentor?
  • What is the first meeting going to be like?
  • How do I mentor someone?
  • What makes a good mentor?

If you’ve ever wondered how to find a mentor, or how to be a better mentor — you'll find useful insights and advice in this eBook. If you’ve ever thought about creating a mentor program or being part of one — you'll also find ideas here.

The Mentorship Collection is a 70-page eBook available in secure PDF format and is designed to be read on desktop, devices and print.


The Difficult Conversations Playbook

This free playbook includes:

  • A companion to our podcast episode on Difficult Conversations.
  • 14-page PDF, free download
  • Articles on having difficult conversations
  • References for further reading
  • Available as a free PDF download

The Purposeful Career Playbook

This free playbook includes:

  • 32-page PDF, free download
  • Personal stories from The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership
  • Worksheets that will challenge you to develop a more purposeful approach to your career

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