The Creative Pro

From business of one to Pro. 
Lead a career with purpose. Find clients that align with your values. Focus your marketing efforts. Understand the mindset of the professional. Sell without the sleaze. 


Create a freelance career that is meaningful to you and develop your professional mindset.

Find the key elements that will help battle imposter syndrome and differentiate what you do.


Develop foundations that help you develop a business that you believe in, and help you do the best of your career.


Get to grips with key principles of money, budgeting and pricing.


Build a pipeline, a client journey and a sales routine that feels right for you and helps to find opportunities that align with your worldview and values.


Develop a marketing platform that speaks to your values and worldview, positioning your freelance business and attracting clients see the world in the same way as you do.

Library & Community

Access both the public and private channels of the MarchFirst online community, as well as a library of resources for you to apply to your growing freelance business.

Build a foundation.

Join the waitlist to access a reduced price of $99USD


Take you time.
You set the pace.

Once enrolled, the course is yours forever. You can go at the course pace of one module every two days, or set your own pace. 

You decide.

Creative professionals
from all domains.

This course is for all creative professionals — writers, designers, photographers, product, tech or otherwise.

For the business of one. Ready to go pro.

If you're looking to start a freelance career, or you're a seasoned professional business of one, this course is for you.

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