A Creative Pro Mini-Course

Selling Creativity

The most popular module from The Creative Pro online course, available as a stand-alone mini-course.

Understand how to nurture meaningful partnerships, develop a sales pipeline that builds a foundation for finding meaningful work, and presenting your creativity.

“You take the sleaze out of sales and make it meaningful.”

Designer, Australia

“Thank you for demystifying the process and helping me fill my pipeline.”

Freelance Designer, Mumbai

“OK! After years of hitting deadends, now, I get it!”

Illustrator Greece

“I always avoided talking about, thinking about and doing anything about sales, now I feel like it is the one thing I am actually good at!”

Creative Director, Barcelona

“I must admit, I was sceptical when I first jumped into this course, but ten minutes in I was mindblown and the mindblowing just kept going!”

UI Designer, Australia

“I couldn’t believe you actually showed us how you do sales, instead of something generic that has no basis in reality. ”

Studio Manager, Australia

Understand the power of networks.

Your network is wider and deeper than you think, and it is filled with people who care about what you do and will help you move the needle towards meaningful work.


How does knowing the buyer’s mindset help your creative business?

Break down the buyer’s mindset and you'll see your creative business, and your role as a leader within it, in a new light; helping you prioritise and focus your efforts.

Rethink your creative presentations.

When you have the Selling Creativity mindset, you will rethink the way your creative presentations work. Learn how you can restructure your creative presentations to ensure your creative ideas are being communicated, understood and sold.


Rethink the customer journey.

Learn how you can establish a sales journey that is meaningful, values-driven and effective.

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9 video course lessons.

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Understand networks.

How to sell creativity.

Sales and CRM fundamentals.

Understand the buyer's journey.

Presenting creativity.

Self-paced and online.