The Weekly Journal
of Creative Leadership

“Thank you so, so, so much.
It’s like you have this uncanny ability to say the right thing, at the right time.”

Sydney, Australia

“You’ve shown me what creative leadership actually means.
Thank you.”

Bayern, Germany

“I love your courage and conviction. Especially to say (and publish) what other people think and say behind people’s backs but never lay out in the open.”

Brisbane, Australia

“I really feel privileged to receive your emails every week and I always read them slowly, carefully right through. You have really inspired me in so many ways and your thoughts have supported mine where no one else’s have. Your voice makes a difference.”

Belgrade, Serbia

“I don’t know how you do it,
I’m just glad you are brave enough to share such ideas.”

Sāo Paulo, Brazil

“I didn’t know it but I needed that today. Your articles help build positivity and simple happiness. We’re all the better for your work.”

Melbourne, Australia

“Your emails are just incredible.
Your wit, your compassion and honesty, and outlook on the good and bad — you hit a nerve with every email. You inspire me, make me teary, laugh out loud or just get my shit together. Just wonderful.”

Belgrade, Serbia

“Through all of the inbox messages, promotional emails and general clutter that happens in one’s inbox these days, I’m truly excited every time I see one of yours come in. It’s a funny little feeling that makes me proud of what I’m doing and pumped to learn more.”

Sydney, Australia

“Just a quick note to let you know that I never used to think about leadership before I started reading your newsletter or doing your courses. Now it’s something I think about every day. I don’t have many people to lead but I feel I’m leading my own life better at least, and that’s down to you.
So thank you.”

Adelaide, Australia

“This hit home. I’m so grateful to be part of your weekly journal, having the opportunity to have you in my life even if it’s just in writing and to learn to be a better person thanks to you.
Have an amazing week.”

Cape Town, South Africa

“Thank you for this article, but more importantly thank you for putting the lessons you’ve learned out there for all of us to mix with our own. Thank you for being generous and very inspirational for people like me, ordinary people trying to do work that is meaningful. Your work improves the lives of people who come in contact with it.”

Helsinki, Finland

“Hola from Madrid!
Do you know the impact you have?
Thank you!!”

Madrid, Spain

“Such moving, daring, dangerous thoughts this week. I had to blink back tears as you narrowed down on your conclusion.”

Daylesford, Australia

“You make me proud to be a creative.”

Athens, Greece

“Hands down the best email I’ve read all week.”

Hackney, UK

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and experience and giving me hope that I can do what I aspire to be and do. ”

New York, USA

“Are you fucking serious?”

London, UK