Guided Meditations 
for Creative Leaders

The guided meditations in this course are specifically designed for creative leaders, covering topics such as imposter syndrome, disconnecting from our days, and more.

This course is available as a collected series of downloadable MP3 files which you can listen to on any device.

Start where you are with Meditation 101

With so much information about meditation online, it can be overwhelming for a beginner to know where to start.

This mini-lesson breaks down the complex subject of meditation into simpler terms and provides a step by step path for getting started and incorporating this transformative practice into your life.

  • What is meditation? Discover the role it plays in helping you self-regulate and navigate daily challenges
  • Understanding your thought patterns and learning to surrender
  • Setting up - everything from the importance of intentions to the right seat (hint: it's not cross-legged on the floor as you might think!)
  • 12 minute gentle, beginner guided breath work
    and meditation session to get you started on your journey.

A mini-meditation bonus

To help you integrate a consistent practice and get used to sitting still, I have created a mini meditation that is just 2 minutes long.

This is a short practice to help you learn to focus your awareness using the breath as the object of meditation.

It's a great starting point, and over time you can build up your capability to sit and focus your attention on the breath, without getting distracted by thoughts.

Tackle imposter syndrome

If you have ever sat in a work meeting and felt anxiety about not being good enough, wondered if the work you do or the ideas you have were valuable then you have experienced imposter syndrome.

The "imposter" is an energy that lives within our being that is rooted in fear. When this energy is not addressed it can be crippling, slowing our progress and preventing us from sharing our talents with the world.

In order to override feelings of being an imposter we need to face the fear head-on and actively choose a different outcome.

This meditation helps you work through feelings of not being good enough, releasing fears and negative self talk from your mind so you can find the confidence to share more of your authentic self in life and work. The meditation can be done seated on a cushion or chair or lying down. You just need a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted.

20:00 duration with a 6:00 introduction exploring what imposter syndrome actually is, with insights from the teacher's personal experience.


An imposter syndrome bonus

When you buy the Meditation for Imposter Syndrome, you receive this free 9:00 meditation to shift your mindset from overwhelmed to confident

A short and simple meditation to get in the right headspace before an important meeting, presentation, event or work of any kind. If you have been feeling insecure or anxious but need to be in top form, then this mini meditation will get you to a place of confidence and empowerment.

You will centre your energy in the heart, breathe out the negativity and visualise the most confident version of yourself, leaving you feeling calm and clear-headed before showing up for your work.

Invite creativity & expand the mind

A guided meditation to tune into the creative flow state and invite new ideas, thinking and innovation to come through you.

As creatives who regularly churn out ideas, we can burn out and lose inspiration or momentum over time.

This meditation will stimulate your creative muscle and help you tap into the flow of fresh ideas and thinking. You will expand your conscious awareness and leave feeling energised and inspired for your next project.


Dealing with upheaval
& times of change

The last few years have seen big changes in the way we do business and how work fits into our lives.

This period of upheaval has affected everyone on some level, creating more stress and uncertainty than ever before, particularly amongst leaders.

This meditation helps to calm the mind and soothe an overwhelmed nervous system. It is designed to support leaders to release stress and embody a clear, coherent mindset so they can navigate change with ease.


Disconnecting from your day

This meditation was inspired by the moment when you finish a days work and you feel physically and mentally exhausted but also kind of wired and overstimulated.

You might find it hard to switch off your mind, wind down and fully relax. This meditation will help you replenish your energy after a day at work.

As creative professionals who work on computers most of the time, we can find ourselves feeling tired, lethargic or energetically drained by the end of the day yet still somehow unable to let the happenings of the day. Our body needs rest so we can regenerate our energy, but it can be hard to fully unwind.

This meditation helps you disconnect from the your day and reset your body/mind so you can fully enjoy your time off work.

Practicing this meditation helps to restore a sluggish nervous system and generate fresh energy after a day spent online.

20:00 in duration this meditation can be done seated on a cushion or chair or lying down. You just need a quiet space where you will be uninterrupted.

Meet the teacher — Beth James

Beth is a meditation teacher, brand & culture consultant and founder of Changemaker - a mentoring business that supports entrepreneurs with building an authentic, soul-led business.

She has an extensive background in meditation and spiritual studies, having spent time at a Buddhist monastery in Germany, breathwork camp in the US and a Balinese ashram. She is trained in Pranayama (breathwork), Tantric Hatha Meditation, Yoga Nidra and MBSR (Mindfulness) and has over 400 hours of certification. Today she hosts classes, events and retreats for both individuals and organisations.

Beth’s experience in the creative industry has seen her work at some of Australia's leading ad agencies and major European tech & e-commerce companies. She has led marketing departments and developed countless brand strategies and campaigns, and was nominated for a ‘Rising Star of the Year’ in the UK’s Masters of Marketing Awards.

Born in Melbourne, raised in Sydney, Beth also lived in Berlin for 10 years, initially arriving without contacts or a plan during a backpacking trip and spontaneously making a life there. Today she has transitioned to a quieter life, living on an eco-retreat on the mid north coast of NSW.

She is a regular speaker across the UK, Germany, Poland and The Netherlands, working consistently with entrepreneurs and creative leaders around the world and now bringing her collective insights to this meditation series.

Find her at:


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