A community for mindful, fearless & creative leaders.

A better world needs better leaders — fearless, adaptive and mindful.
Leaders who are ready to learn new skills and create a new way.
Leaders who aren't afraid to march first.

Online learning for purpose-driven, leaders

You are someone who wants to lead a career with purpose and create change — real change, not the superficial, going-through-the-motions kind of change. Impactful change.

You believe that you can bring your skills to the table and do good, meaningful work and you're ready to learn from experts in the field. Purpose-driven leaders themselves who have spent time in the arena, disrupted the status quo, lead with empathy and compassion. 


Membership access with a monthly coaching group

You're ready to create impact and all you need are the right resources, tools, and insights. Motivation and inspiration is wonderful, but you're ready for the rubber to hit the road.

Each month, MarchFirst Members meet in a 2hr video call to regroup and discuss the month's topic — from empathy, to purpose-driven leadership, finding product-market fit and resilience — the group learns together, and grows together.

The Creative Leadership Archive gives Members access to a growing archive of articles from The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership.

Coaching and mentoring leaders

We bring our experience chairing accelerator and incubator programs, mentoring business leaders through starting, scaling and running their enterprises — providing strategy, advice, guidance, and tools.


Who are you?

CEO, Head of/, Team leaders

Technologists, Developers and Engineers

Photographers, Videographers and Product Designers

Creative leaders, Designers and Studio owners

Founders and Entrepreneurs

Solopreneurs and Freelancers

Strategists, Planners and Account Managers

Non-profit / Purpose leaders

Weekly Journal

The Weekly Journal of Creative Leadership

An insightful and personal reflection on creative leadership, every Tuesday at 10AM AEST by Jim Antonopoulos.


Fearless Conversations


An open, fearless conversation. A podcast about good leadership and the journey to discover it.

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